Wednesday 6 April 2011


I've really struggled with the thought of what to put on the table as guest momentos.  I went to a bridal expo awhile back, and one of the ideas I really liked was the idea of donating to a charity on the guest's behalf.  Some charities provide a little token like a pin or a keyring and some just give you nicely worded cards to place at each seat.  On further research though, the etiquette behind such a thing was a bit murky.  The general consensus seemed to be, by all means donate, but no need to shove that down your guests throats.  Similar to "donations" given for Christmas/Birthday gifts - apparently its very passe to do so, as you're effectively saying to the beneficiary that you decided they didn't need a present and donated it away.  Although it's allowable to ask people to make donations instead of giving you presents, you can't make that decision on their behalf when gifting to them.  That aside, it happened to me one work Secret Santa when "Santa" donated a goat to a starving village on my behalf.  This appalled me on several levels.  Firstly, c'mon, I'm a vegetarian - don't donate a goat to be eaten on my behalf.  Secondly, if you're going to make a donation in my name, at least give me the receipt too, so I can claim a deduction at tax time - you don't get it both ways "Santa"!!!  So I moved away from the idea of donating to a charity, much as I love the gesture behind it.

The other criteria is that I'm set against those little sugared almond things.  For one thing, I don't like them myself, so why should I inflict them on others, and the second thing is, it's apparently well known that many guests don't take the favour away, so I want it to be something I won't mind having multiples of when I get to keep the left behinds.  So this rules out things like little photo frames, matched salt and pepper shakers (yes, that's a thing apparently), and anything plain wanky.

So I was at a baby shower last weekend and there was a whole bowl of these little cuties.  I quite like it... could this be a wedding favour concept?  Picture it smaller, perhaps just big enough for a ferrero rocher.  And the bow will be tied nicely, in appropriately coordinating colours.  I wouldn't mind having a bunch of leftover ferrero rochers, at all.  Win.

Saturday 2 April 2011

The search for the perfect shoe

I can't seem to find those Miu Mius anywhere - although I won't stop looking (the brand whore in me thrills at the idea of owning such an expensive pair of shoes!

However, Mr Fork's sister proposed this (much) cheaper alternative.  Thoughts?  They're almost the same, just with a T-bar instead of a plain ankle strap.  And they aren't leather.  Still... for the sake of several hundred dollars I could compromise...

I think I know what I'll be doing with one lunch time this week... hello, Haylow-G, meet my foot!


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