Tuesday 29 March 2011

Peace, man

I have just realised that I've taken up yoga and I'm learning to knit.  I'm turning into a hippy.  Then again, it could be the saving of me.  I wouldn't call my job highly stressful.  Well its not highly stressful all of the time; I'm not saying that I haven't been close to the odd breakdown every now and then.  I do however have moments of panic, moments of stress and moments of sheer and utter boredom and incredulity.  Maybe having a couple of creative and stress releasing outlets is a good thing.

Perhaps not though - in knitting my hat I seem to accumulate extra stitches, constantly drop more than a few and knit at the pace of a snail.

Updates and stuff

We may have found our photographer today.  He's the son of my dad's university friend.  We haven't had a lot of luck with photographers.  Granted, we also haven't been looking very hard, but of the ones we did look at, there was a certain sameness to their work.  The one we did like best was busy on our date, and although she did recommend an alternative, we didn't like her work as much.  I also considered asking a friend of a friend to be our photographer, however, she posted her latest engagement party proofs online, and seriously the bride-to-be's bum is the focus of quite a few shots, and another view is right up that poor girl's skirt, with panties and cellulite visible.  Cross that option off the list please!

So my dad recommended his friend's son.  The boy is still at uni, studying photojournalism.  Which means, he knows the techniques in theory, and in practice he actually does have a couple of weddings under his belt.  We figure this also means he'll be enthusiastic, willing to try new things, and in keeping with a journalistic background, wanting to capture as natural (read: non posed) a moment as possible.  At this point I've only spoken to him on the phone, but we're planning to meet up after he's finished with exams (oh, bless) to have a look at his work and get to know him.  Hopefully he'll have some good stuff.  And be cheap, ahem, I mean affordable.

In other news, I'm learning to knit.  My first project will be a blue and grey hat.  I may or may not post progress pictures.

Sunday 27 March 2011


Have I mentioned how much I want these shoes?
I found them on a blog while I was surfing around for wedding inspiration.  I have to say, Mr Fork and I are a tad unorganised.  We have a date, a venue and a celebrant.  And even if I may not know where to get them, I have an idea about the shoes I want.  I thought we were doing well until people started making panicked faces at me.  

Now apparently the next hurdle is the invitations.  Oh my gosh, why did I decide to be cheap and make my own?  Take my advice people, when you have a guest list as long as ours, it is worth it in sheer sanity saving to pay someone else.  Who knew invitations were so complicated?  There's the colour scheme, the paper, the font, the printing, the spelling, the punching of holes, the arrangement of components, the type of envelopes, the RSVP cards and dates to organise... and I'm sure I haven't covered all the bases yet.  A trip to the local Officeworks to pick up supplies was a start.  We are now the proud owners of lots and lots of paper, fancy clip pin things, a paper slicer and other bits and bobs.  I have to admit that I spent the whole weekend trying to get the hang of our new paper slicer and I still can't do a straight line.  Its enough to make a girl want to sneak away and do it all on the quiet!


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