Sunday 27 March 2011


Have I mentioned how much I want these shoes?
I found them on a blog while I was surfing around for wedding inspiration.  I have to say, Mr Fork and I are a tad unorganised.  We have a date, a venue and a celebrant.  And even if I may not know where to get them, I have an idea about the shoes I want.  I thought we were doing well until people started making panicked faces at me.  

Now apparently the next hurdle is the invitations.  Oh my gosh, why did I decide to be cheap and make my own?  Take my advice people, when you have a guest list as long as ours, it is worth it in sheer sanity saving to pay someone else.  Who knew invitations were so complicated?  There's the colour scheme, the paper, the font, the printing, the spelling, the punching of holes, the arrangement of components, the type of envelopes, the RSVP cards and dates to organise... and I'm sure I haven't covered all the bases yet.  A trip to the local Officeworks to pick up supplies was a start.  We are now the proud owners of lots and lots of paper, fancy clip pin things, a paper slicer and other bits and bobs.  I have to admit that I spent the whole weekend trying to get the hang of our new paper slicer and I still can't do a straight line.  Its enough to make a girl want to sneak away and do it all on the quiet!

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