Sunday 27 November 2011

Updates and stuff - again

Holy guacamole, where has the year gone?  These last few months have been flying by and my poor blog has been neglected.  So, what has been happening, you ask?  Well!
Wedding planning continues with a vengeance, and we're well and truly into count down phase now, with three weeks to go.  It's all very exciting.  Mr Fork has had his buck's night, and I've been talked into having a girly day.  That's happening in two weeks - a high tea at home and a mobile spa that comes to you for pampering, very swish!  We have bonboniere boxes (yay!) and must get organised about something to go into them soon too I suppose.  Although I wanted to elope and I'm been very blah about having this wedding, I'm really looking forward to catching up with everyone and having a lovely evening.

The gardening has been going swimmingly.  The carrots I blogged about previously have all been eaten (I think I got one, the puppies got the rest as treats), and the new excitement is my baby pineapple

I don't remember exactly when I planted this little cutie, but it's been a bit neglected so I'm pretty chuffed it's growing at all really.  We've also gotten the big guns in to help with the tidy up of the garden which just never seems to happen on the weekends.  All the (horrid! disgusting!) palms have been cut down, and the inside hedge has disappeared to leave us with a yard so large I can't beleive it.  I'm also having a dedicated vegetable patch put in, so my home made compost will soon be in use and enjoyed.  I can't wait until I can make an entire salad out of goodies I've grown myself.
Does anyone have any tips about what I should be growing right now?


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