Wednesday 31 August 2011

I grew that

This is my first baby carrot, pictured with a Haviana for size purposes.  I couldn't be prouder if I'd grown it myself... oh but wait, I did!  It's brothers and sisters are still happily growing away, but I got impatient when I saw this one poking it's orange head above the soil and pulled it out.  I think I'll wait until the others get bigger because while it was tasty, there wasn't much to taste.

I included it into a simple pasta dish, served with a red wine sauce chock full of veggies.  I can't wait for the weather to be right to grow some more fresh produce.  At the moment I have carrots, garlic, mint, parsley, rosemary, spring onions, leek, pineapple and chilli growing.  I'd love to add some beans, tomatoes and other delicious spring time foods.  I've also got a compost bin on the go, so that ought to add some nutrients when required!

What does your garden grow?

Monday 8 August 2011

Operation fascination

In outfitting myself for the wedding(s) I've been trying to DIY as much as possible, partly to keep costs down and partly because I like having our own personality stamped on the day.

I mentioned here that I'd unexpectedly found a hairpiece for my red wedding after brunch one day, but I was scratching my head (haha) about the white wedding.  While I was shopping on the weekend with a bridesmaid, we walked past one of those cheap hair/jewellery stores.  Just for fun (and to be thorough) we popped in to have a look.  End result - a few pretty little flower hair clips that will look perfect - especially from a distance.

Just a few days before, I'd been looking at an option that was going to be $60, and I thought it was cheap! Cost of these little pretties? $8.  That's a nice tidy saving that I can put towards something less frivolous than a one day hair accessory!

Friday 5 August 2011


I think that chortle is a great word; it makes me giggle a little every time I hear it.
In support of that word, I'd like to share some things which have given me a chortle this week.
  • My regular coffee man always greets me by name and with a smile.  Not to mention that this is one of the few cafes I've found who use Bonsoy (many other commercial brands of soy milk just taste revolting).  This week I also got a little heart on my cup lid.  Soy chai, made with love! ('scuse the lip gloss marks) 
  • Dumplings. I love a good dumpling and last night, Mr Fork's mother made me a whole pot of steamed dumplings, stuffed with shiitake, cabbage, corn, carrot and peas.  It was delicious, and there was even enough for me to bring for lunch today.  That's saying a lot, because traditionally Fridays are my day to have 'tuckshop' and eat out, but those dumplings won hands down over buying lunch!

  • Puppy cuddles.  While it's still officially winter there have been a few cold nights, and although my furbabies are affectionate all the time, it's even more pronounced during cold weather when they can't resist a good snuggle (and neither can I).

  • Yesterday marked the beginning of birthday month, the countdown until my actual birthday.  I suggested to Mr Fork that perhaps he might like to mark the occasion with festivities and fawning but he didn't seem overwhelmed by the idea.  Not to worry.  I love birthdays myself and can fawn perfectly well on my own behalf!

  • I love a good freebie as much as the next person, and one of the things I did when I first got my Kindle was to sign up for a service on to notify me when books for the AU region become free.  So far, I've gotten a bunch of books which go for up to about 20$ when full price, and I'm expanding my reading horizons by picking up books which I mightn't have if I'd had to pay.  Wins all around!
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