Tuesday 28 June 2011

New toys!

I finally talked myself into getting a Kindle.  After debating back and forth with the decision, I opened it up to Facebook and was overwhelmed with comments by people who loved the device.  Being an obedient sheep, I followed the herd and signed up.  I have to say, Amazon make shopping fun – the anticipation started when I got to track the Kindle on its way towards me.  It even arrived a day earlier than promised and so far I’ve not been disappointed.  In preparation for my new toy, I downloaded the appropriate apps for my phone and my mac as well as some sample freebie books so I could test it out.  Now I’m throwing it out there – anyone have any good, inexpensive book recommendations for me to whet my Kindle appetite on?

Monday 27 June 2011


I'm aching today.  Could it be because, after 6 weeks of Yoga for Dummies, I went to my first ‘real’ yoga class and realised how inflexible I am?  Could it be because, after 1.5 hours of yoga on Saturday, Mr Fork and I decided to dig up a tree in our backyard (and let me tell you, that tree was well entrenched with multiple trunks and a heinous root system!).  Or maybe, it’s the 50km I rode in the Brissie to Bay yesterday while fearing for my life the entire way?  Perhaps a combination of the three?

In all honesty, after doing that ride once, I will never do it again.  It was the most badly organised ride I’ve been on, with little regard for rider and other road users safety.  I lost count of the number of near misses I saw, including the idiots who rode more than two abreast, who refused to give way to cars, stop at red lights or even just stay in their lane, as well as the riders who didn’t know basic rider etiquette and didn’t call when they were stopping, didn’t give way and didn’t move to the left when riding slowly – and didn’t even stick to the road, opting to terrorise pedestrians on the footpath.  Additionally, riding up every, freaking hill between Manly and the city, including eating exhaust fumes along all the heavy industrial roads through Murarrie did nothing to improve my mood.  I considered not completing the ride but my retentive self wouldn’t let me not finish what I started.  I pity the poor cars who were inconvenienced by bad riders, closed roads and general rider/organiser stupidity.  I so hope they send out a survey asking what we through of the event.  Moving on...

Last week, we rescued two puppies who were out terrorising the neighbourhood at dawn.  On calling the owner, turned out they live across the street from us.  He was relieved that someone had found them and arrived post haste, two crying girls in pink dressing gowns in tow beaming through their tears.  This Saturday, while we were wrestling with the tree, the neighbour came over with his little girls who’d made us homemade thank you cards (complete with drawings of our house and puppies) and a box of Favourites.  Bless.  The cards now grace our refrigerator and the chocolates mostly grace Mr Fork’s stomach.  Good neighbours still exist in the world (*cue soapie theme song*)


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