Sunday 8 May 2016

What's in my kitchen, May 2016

Finally, it's starting to cool down and really feel like Autumn. The days are still sunny and warm, but evenings and early mornings have that traditional Autumn chill I'm used to. Just in time for Winter to start properly next month! I'm hanging out for porridge in the cold mornings, and all the various toppings I can add to it.

Things have been a bit quiet in my kitchen this past month. I've been stretched thin, with work being extremely busy, and Jimmy and Ellie being particularly attention seeking and needing to be constantly near me, if not touching. I suppose it's a side effect of working harder too as we miss each other when I'm not as available. On top of all that, I picked up a university subject, just for interest's sake, but it's taking up more of my time than I expected, so what with one thing and another, my kitchen and its contents and creations hasn't been photographed as much as usual.

Nonetheless, I do have a few snippets to share.

In my kitchen is...

Mayver's Dark Roasted Crunchy peanut butter. I've already talked about how much I love this brand before but the dark roasted butter is a new addition to the range. The peanuts have been slowly roasted before being crushed and sea salt added. They claim on the label that there are at least 153 peanuts in each jar, which tickles me because I like a bit of quirkiness in my advertising! There is also a smooth version, but if it comes to a choice between smooth or crunchy, I'm crunchy all the way.

I was a bit hesitant about the taste at first, as I didn't see anything special about it, but it's grown on me and now I find it delicious - it's good on home made sourdough, spread over apples and pears, and even dolloped over the top of porridge. I like it so much, I've just bought a second jar (pictured as I didn't want to photographically admit just how clean I'd scraped the last jar...)

In my kitchen is...

A mini pink phalaenopsis orchid. Today is Mother's Day and I woke up to find this orchid on the dining table at breakfast time. It wasn't really a surprise, as I'd seen Ellie and Mr Fork scheming over the flowers while we were grocery shopping, but it's the thought that counts.

I also had breakfast made for me - vegemite and avocado on sourdough toast (I was instructed to make the sourdough in preparation last night) and hot coffee.

I've not had the best luck in the past with orchids, but hopefully this little one is the exception. Ellie told me it's small like her and Jimmy, but it will grow too. She's also asked if she can share and can it live with her in her room.

In my kitchen is...

My latest salad obsession. I started making it because tomatoes are constantly on sale lately so I've always got some, and my garden parsley is out of control so I needed something that would include both of those things. Throw in some lemon juice, fresh garlic and some salt and pepper and this quinoa tabbouleh was created. I find it delicious and filling and it travels very nicely for lunches on work days. It's also good warm or cold, so it's very versatile.

In my kitchen is...

My constant little companion. Jimmy is very different to Ellie - where she is happy to play independently and do her own thing, he just wants to be close to me. He is happiest underfoot and always wants to know what I'm doing and be involved by watching and touching. So, if I'm in the kitchen, he generally is too, poking into all of the cupboards and exploring. He likes to pull everything out, and stack them or make music by banging on everything. If I'm mixing something, he likes to help hold the spoon, and he's always wanting to peer excitedly into the oven or whatever pot is on the stove in the hope that it's something delicious for him to eat.

I don't really mind, unless I'm using the knives or carrying something hot and I forget that he's there and nearly trip. I believe that children learn best by being included and watching, so I don't really want to banish him when he clearly enjoys being there. I have finally taught him that ovens are hot and to stay back when I'm opening it so that's something. Perhaps I have a mini Masterchef in the making!
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What's in your kitchen this month?


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