Saturday 21 May 2011

Look what I found today

I've been thinking about head wear lately, specifically, what sort of head wear I'll wear with my two wedding gowns.  There's a whole world of fascinators out there, most of them gorgeous and hideously expensive to boot.  Its not that I'm cheap per se (although I am...), it's more that I'm not really the type of girl who's going to wear those things regularly, so I don't see the point in paying gazillions of dollars for them.

So I was shocked and awed today, to find affordable, fantastic headwear at a gorgeous little shop in New Farm.  I was having lunch with a girlfriend at pintxo today (side note, love that tapas train!) and decided to check out the little store next door afterward.  From the outside it looked like one of those pretentious overpriced shops so common in that part of town, but the inside couldn't be more different.  It was staffed by two lovely ladies, who couldn't have been more friendly.  I think it's primarily a handbag shop, but they also do custom upholstery and have lots of lovely materials and textures everywhere.  As a side line, the owner also sells a whole bunch of handmade fascinators, at prices that are so dirt cheap, made by the girl who is dating her son.  They ranged from the pretty, to the whimsical to the just plain cute.  I was a little disappointed that they didn't have anything in ivory, but I did pick up this little thing, to go with the red gown.

It was $14, and worth every dollar.  The owner has promised to ask if her artiste will make some ivory ones.  Although she doesn't take orders, so I'll have to take pot luck and pop back - but at that price, its certainly worth it.  Guess it just shows that you can't pick a snobby, pretentious shop by the facade!


  1. Super like this! Is it made out of feathers? I like the shiny embellishment in the middle =)

    Oh yeah, no luck on bridesmaids dresses here. I skipped sketch club today coz I've got too much work on, and I was planning to duck out and check out Eveleigh and Newtonw areas. I also found out that we live near a DFO, so I'm going to have to drag the boy out with me one weekend when he's not in foetal position from all the stress he's under. On that not though, he's up at Mudgee this week for prac, and I'm going up on Thursday, so will see if they have anything there =)

    love you, snugglebots xxo

  2. Yep, all different types of feathers. The shiny thing in the middle is just a cheap-ish plastic thing, but unless you're right up close, you can't really tell. I super like too - I hope she gets some ivory ones in. There were some lovely black/green combinations that were beautiful too =)

    Never mind, I swear I won't have you walking down the aisle in your underwear, we'll find something! Hope you're not too lonely without the boy; take the opportunity to get some hard core study and you-time in! x



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