Monday 18 February 2013

Everyone needs a pink elephant

First of all, let me preface this post with a few salient facts. I'm part Asian. Really, that means nothing, but its a fine explanation for a few character traits. Namely, I'm frugal (Mr Fork would call it 'cheap'). If I can reuse something I already have, or make do with something else, I will.  I like to re-purpose things - I'll often wear clothes until they're threadbare and falling apart, and when they do, I'll consider sewing them into something else. I see nothing wrong with eating leftovers for several days, or in fact, cooking in quantities so large that I'm left with days of leftovers. If I can negotiate a better price or buy something in bulk, then you can be sure I'll do it (much to Mr Fork's embarrassment).

Anyway, where am I going with this?  Well, the other day, we had a family expedition to the pet store to stock up on puppy food.  While Mr Fork was looking at the fish, I wandered the toy section and came across this wonderful toy! It's pink (which means it's obviously for a girl). It says Elli (which means it would be perfect for someone named Ellie). It's designed to amuse puppies (which means it has plenty of noises and textures - perfect for baby sensory development).  Alas.  Much like with the Justin Beaver I was overruled, as Mr Fork deemed it inappropriate to buy our daughter a dog toy, no matter how cleverly I argued the suitability.

Spoilsport.  No pink elephant for Ellie.

So tell me, do you ever find a use for items which may not have been their original purpose?

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  1. Nothing wrong with getting a puppy toy for a baby. We got a baby toy for our puppy once and realized that puppy toys are built way tougher than baby toys.



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