Monday 7 October 2013

Baby Mum-Mum review

Ellie just loves rice crackers. She may only have two teeth still, but she uses them with gusto. There is nothing that she won't eat, or at least try, for which I am very grateful. I have heard that this will change when she is older, but for now I choose to live in blissful ignorance that this is how it will always be.

When the1337mum gave Ellie one of her small man's Baby Mum-Mums to try on a recent visit, Ellie was hooked. I think it was something about the lovely crunchy sound that they make when she bites into them. She will happily sit there and just bite into a cracker repeatedly to hear that sound. Then when it's so chewed it couldn't possibly hold together any longer, she will gum it and start all over again with a fresh part.

Usually I buy her supplies while I'm grocery shopping, but our local shop only stocks the banana and vegetable flavours. Have I ever mentioned how much I loathe both the smell and taste of bananas? Ugh. Anyway, I was pretty excited that Baby Mum-Mum had a stand at the recent Brisbane baby and toddler expo as there are always some pretty awesome deals to be had and a host of flavours on offer. That excitement fizzled out when I realised there was nothing left by the time I got there. Yes, they are just that popular. Not to be deterred, the good people at Baby Mum-Mum got in contact with me and offered to send out a little something. Of course I jumped at the chance!

In due time, a box of goodies was delivered, and what a box! We were very generously given 6 boxes of apple flavoured Baby Mum-Mums and 6 boxes of banana Little Quackers.

Baby Mum-Mums are yum-yum!
I have to say, they are both a hit. As soon as the contents caught Ellie's eye, she was signing for me to give her some right away! Sure, she may look a little manic in this picture, but who doesn't when they are eating delicious rice cracker goodness?

Later, while I was putting away the contents of our parcel, this happened. I don't know who got in first and encouraged who, but I reached for my camera right away because it's just so ridiculously cute!

Disclaimer: I was provided with the rice crackers as a consideration. This is not a sponsored post, the products are just a hit at chez Fork.

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