Wednesday 25 June 2014

Things not to say when someone tells you "I'm pregnant"

Today I bring you a quick little post. With the gradual release of news about Attila, I've had some absolute corkers from people in response to the announcement. I'm sure they mean it with the best of intentions, but really, there are some terrible cases of foot in mouth out there. I've surveyed some of my friends too, to hear some of the funny responses they've had to their announcement of "I'm pregnant":
  1. I've had food babies bigger than that. How far along did you say you are?
  2. What? Where is it?! I won't believe it until you show me proof. Do you have an ultrasound or something?
  3. Conversely to #1, OMG, you're huge!
  4. Wow, was it planned?
  5. How on earth will you handle another one?
  6. What terrible timing with the changes to maternity leave payments.
  7. Again? Already?!
  8. Yes, I thought your boobs were looking huge.
  9. Oh really? When will you finish work?
So, for future reference, there is only really one correct response if someone tells you they're expecting:


Have you had any odd responses when you broke the news?


  1. What about "Congratulations! And Jeez your boobs are looking huge!" :p

    1. Hahahaha. Yes, you are hilarious! :)

    2. Excellent as I am pretty sure that is close to what I said to you :p

    3. You are forgiven everything for you bring me cake and beans and mushrooms and all the good things...!

  2. So true! I was pretty huge with my son (he was 11lb10oz, I think that converted to 5.2kg or something) and I got sooo many "do you have gestational diabetes?" (still get that when I mention the birth weight to people). I didn't have GD, my son was just super tall like his dad and big head like his dad :P

    1. That's so rude! I had a little baby, 5lb12oz, and most people comment about how easy that must have been. No. There is nothing easy about labour. Nothing!



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