Monday 30 November 2015

This and that

Trying to encourage Ellie to stop sucking her thumbs by making them pretty...
Thought I'd test out making my own thumbs pretty too...
I bought a pair of sparkly purple sneakers. They were half price, I'm guessing because not too many other adults want sparkly purple shoes. Or they don't have kid sized feet. My benefit!
Ellie and I got our hair cut, and she insisted on having a picture taken and sent to daddy from the salon (by the by, thank goodness my hairdresser is understanding about my two children causing havoc while she does my hair!)
We had my work Christmas party. There was a face painter there. Serious debate was had about whether a dragon or a butterfly would do. My suggestion to have both was poo-poohed, and the rainbow butterfly option proved a winner. Another selfie, this one she insisted be sent to Grandma...
Jimmy is really enjoying his new found ability to walk. This stage, where they are still learning to balance so stumble around like little monkeys? I love it so much.
I took myself on a date to see Les Miserable. It was a last minute ticket purchase and this is where I got to sit. Third row back. I was so close I could see the orchestra pit and the spit whenever the actors were especially passionate or enthusiastic. A really great production and one of my favourite musicals.
Happy Monday to you all x


  1. Looks like you are having fun - pretty nails and sneakers and how great to see Les Mis. We went last year and having seen it a couple of decades ago I was quite amazed at how much had changed in the production as I thought it was the same production still going after all that time but now they use technology so much more and it is still spectacular with great music and an enthralling plot

  2. I love all the smiles - and your nails and sneakers. Good luck with the thumb sucking; my parents tried everything with me (that horrid nail polish that tastes awful, bribery, nice nail polish, coaxing, stern talks) and nothing worked until I got a plate (precursor to later braces) at 8 and couldn't suck it any more! I hope Ellie is less attached and has fewer orthodontic consequences :P

    As for your question on the soya almond yoghurt, it is a hybrid! They combine soya milk and almond milk and add a bit of almond flavour too :-) The soya is more dominant (the proportion of almond milk is small) but I still like it a lot more than regular soy yoghurt.



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