Monday 10 June 2013

And they call it puppy love...

I think these two are going to grow up to be fast friends!  The white dog is always the one that Ellie goes to for snuggles. He will tolerate her pulling on his ears, pulling his fur to lever herself up, and even rubbing her face all over him to wipe the snot off. In return, he expects her to share her food and be able to lick her occasionally - usually he sneaks up and gets her on the toes or the head. Many squeals (delight from Ellie, disgust from me) occur.

I honestly thought we'd have adjustment issues bringing Ellie home, but the hounds were lovely. From the start, they snuggled my tummy all through pregnancy and seemed just as delighted as Mr Fork when Ellie kicked them from the inside. When I was in hospital after giving birth, Mr Fork brought home one of her tiny hats to familiarise them with her smell. He tells me that sometime in the middle of the night while he was sleeping, they stole the hat from the bed and he found them sleeping snuggled around it in the morning. I think they loved her right from the beginning. Now that she is bigger than them as well, they recognise that there is a new pecking order in the house but they've accepted it gracefully.

I suppose it helps that the newest Fork member has a tendency to throw pieces of what she is eating down to her loyal hound subjects from her highchair on high!

Do you have fur-babies? If so, how did they adjust to a baby in the house?

1 comment:

  1. Bailey has been great with our little man. He puts up with all sorts of yanking and pulling. But some days I see them napping with each other and the little guy always shares his snacks. He also tries to share the dog's food sometimes but I try to stop that when I see it.



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