Wednesday 5 June 2013

One of those weeks

Last week was just one of those weeks. You know, the ones where everything that can go wrong does? It was a really, really terrible week.

To start with, my grandmother died on Monday. I wasn't particularly close to her, but Ellie was her first great grandchild and she was besotted. It's hard to feel ambivalent about someone who so clearly adores your child. Of course I was also sad that my family was sad. Grandma passed away within days of her brother so it really was the sad end of an era.

On Tuesday, Ellie was sick and I was asked to pick her up from daycare early as she wasn't herself. She perked up as soon as I got her home, so I thought no more of it, but on Wednesday morning, her temperature spiked to 39.8. You better believe I was on the phone to 13 HEALTH quick smart, and high tailing it to the GP right after. After a very rude man saw her (not our usual GP), the diagnosis was bronchiolitis - a respiratory virus which can't be treated with antibiotics. Plenty of snot, plenty of wheezy breathing and lots of high temperatures. We're all sleep deprived what with the slow feeds because she can't breathe and the warm sponge baths to try to bring down the temp. There have been lots of sleepless nights at the Fork house.

Because Ellie was still contagious on Thursday, I couldn't take her to daycare again, and so I had to bring her to the funeral with me. Is there anything more miserable than a sick, wailing baby? Yes, a sick, wailing baby at a funeral. Honestly though, I'm sure of all the people who attended, Grandma appreciated seeing Ellie there.

On top of all that, Ellie has recently been confirmed with a hernia, so she's also scheduled for surgery on that next week. Surgery! On a poor tiny baby! My heart breaks.

Just to add to my tale of woe, I totally caught Ellie's fever, so that knocked me down for the count, of course right when we had a house of visitors staying for the funeral, so I couldn't really rest properly. Even now, I have a scratchy throat, a constant headache and sore joints. They suspect glandular fever with viral meningitis. Yay! To think, this is my mummy life for the next 18 years! Lucky I have baby cuddles and puppy companions to make it somewhat better. Thanks Mr Fork for this totally flattering picture...
Is it a powder puff or just a snuggly puppy giving comfort?

Having said that, we're all on the mend. Still a bit coughy, snotty and herniated, but slowly our household is getting there. 

Also, it doesn't fit in my tale of woe properly, but Ellie cracked her first tooth last week too. Stealth tooth - we didn't realise until she bit Mr Fork's finger, and even then he was so chuffed he kept sticking it in there for her to bite so he could feel it again. That's daddy love. She chews on everything now. Nothing is safe from being shoved into her small gob.
Yes this is a tasty wash cloth. Yes, I must chew it
What about you? Have you ever just had one of those weeks?

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  1. I've been in one of these weeks for about a month LOL but nothing like this. Makes me realise that I've lost touch with what's really important in life. I will be a better person come July =) I hope that things are perking up for you (*scrapes mind out off gutter*) and everyone is recovering. Always good to have family around in times of disease hehe xx



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