Sunday 28 July 2013

Sunday silliness

I mentioned on Saturday post swimming lessons, we have a cheese and vegemite scroll tradition. This Saturday was a little different as we had a change in routine. Some poor child (not mine thank goodness!) had a little... accident in the pool so our lesson was aborted midway. I have never seen a pool empty so fast let me tell you! Anyway, they scooped the offending object from the pool, but everyone had to leave and lessons are off until the pool has been drained and refilled. I was actually a little speechless that there was such a big deal but on further reflection I'm glad the venue takes hygiene so seriously. I'm not sure what I thought would happen but I suppose I thought they'd add extra chlorine and everyone would carry on. Given that I have to stick my head in that water and blow bubbles at Ellie, yes, I am glad the water will be cleaned.

Instead of our scrolls, instead we went to visit family and take the opportunity to cross a few household chores off our list.

Ellie might have missed out on her scrolls, but our little girl can eat and definitely won't tolerate any type of deprivation! Instead, she was spoiled with home made noodles for lunch.

To make up for it, I was going to make something delicious for Sunday breakfast today, but instead I was spoiled by Mr Fork getting the morning routine started while I got a rare lie in. I was treated to a cup of hot coffee in bed, and when I walked outside, I was greeted with this sight:

For those wondering, that's a piece of Vegemite toast in her hand, and a mixture of Vegemite and banana over her face. And she wonders why I wouldn't kiss those pouty little lips! After breakfast, our house was filled with plenty of giggles and the smell of popcorn as Mr Fork and I introduced Ellie to Monsters Inc, the movie. Maybe she is a little young to appreciate the antics of Scully and Mike, but I know she loved the snuggles and family time we had (truth be told, so did I!).

How was your weekend?

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