Friday 4 April 2014

A month of Nutella

It's been a month since Soup sent me a Nutella pack, and tasked me with using it in delicious and healthy ways at breakfast time.

I have fond memories of those little snack packs of Nutella from my childhood. I've no doubt after these past few weeks, Ellie is also a Nutella fan. Probably if I'm truthful, I've also reconnected with Nutella and fallen in love all over again too.

We've had it on pancakes, on bagels, in chia pudding, as a dipping sauce for fruit, as well as on scones, baked into muffins, and, as a special tribute to the1337mum who won the Nutella competition, spread atop an apple cake (sorry, I couldn't bring myself to use bananas).

I think it's safe to say we 'heart' Nutella here!
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