Monday 28 April 2014

Easter exhaustion and the house of sick

Oh hello there! It's been awhile I know. A combination of a couple of long weekends in a row, followed by us becoming the house of sick on our return from the Easter long weekend away. I'll get to that.

Like last year at Easter, we got on a plane and went to visit Ellie's grandparents. It was a great holiday, so great, that we decided to repeat it again this year! It was a lovely trip, I mean, it's hard to wake up to this kind of view, but someone has to do it! Also, flying with a toddler is very different to flying with an infant (somewhat easier, and in other ways, so much harder too!). Moving on...

Easter views
There was lots of fun had. We visited relatives, ate a lot, took Ellie out on her first boat trip (she slept in my arms the entire way there and back!), swam in the pool, went to the beach and collected shells, and generally enjoyed ourselves not being at work. As usual, Ellie was spoiled mightily with chocolate and Easter goodies (including a certain pair of bunny pyjamas). Did I mention food? Well, it deserves a second mention because there was a lot of it. There might have been quite a bit of napping to be done as well... although I feel vain enough to need to point out that that is an iPhone cable under my head, not a massive grey hair streak.

Mr Fork being mysterious as usual
When we got back home, we were all a little off colour. I wrote it off to post holiday blues and put us all to bed. The next day however saw Mr Fork and Ellie packed off to the doctor post haste. Turns out, Ellie and Mr Fork both had tonsillitis. Mr Fork got glandular fever on top of that. The pharmacist was quite tickled to be making up matching daddy/daughter antibiotics. I only had a viral infection so no antibiotics for me. I say only with the utmost sarcasm, because I felt like death too, but as the least sick of the family, it was my job to do all the looking after. I've been so tired I could sleep for a week! Luckily, everyone is on the mend now, but my sanity and temper certainly suffered for awhile there.

It's either the terrible twos starting, or the fact that she's been sick, but Ellie has been off temper a bit too. After throwing an epic tantrum one day, her room suddenly went silent so I checked on her, only to find her asleep behind the door wrapped in her beloved blanket. I just had to take a picture of her it was that cute. She was so comfortable (even snoring) that I just let her sleep where she was instead of risking a mid nap move.

Floor naps
Speaking of that blanket, have I ever mentioned how much Ellie loves it? It's the texture she finds comfort in I think, as we have a similar smaller blanket for the car that has the same feel but a different colour. Being sick, she's been wanting blanket with her everywhere when we're home, and no matter how hot the day, if we're in the car, that one has to be draped over her legs too. I'm going somewhere with this.

I took her shopping during the week last week so that Mr Fork could have a break and get some rest. I was walking dead myself, but hopefully he'll remember what I did and return the favour one day. We were in Myer looking at the pyjamas when all of a sudden Ellie squealed with glee and disappeared into a rack of clothes. I found her in a rack of pink fluffy jackets, which looked and felt just like her blanket, rubbing them over her face. Then, I kid you not, she tore a jacket off it's hanger and started carrying it around the department, rubbing it on her face and sucking her thumb. There were tears when I refused to buy it for her but honestly... I just don't see myself wearing something like that EVER. I felt like the meanest mama in the world! Just look at those sad, sick eyes.

Sick, but still cute
How was your Easter break? I hope not as unhealthy as ours!

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