Tuesday 19 August 2014

How does your garden grow? August 2014

It's been a while since my last garden update and I thought it was high time to talk about what's been happening in my garden lately.

Mr Fork decided on a whim that he didn't like how our lawn was looking/growing/feeling, so he decided to dig it all up and re-do it. In the picture below, you can see that he started with a small test patch of turf up near my veggie patch. It initially was the sole patch of nice grass in with the rest of the lawn to see how it would go, and then he decided to go ahead and dig up the rest of the yard based on the results.

Bare dirt with test turf patch
Well I suppose he was justified in thinking our grass was horrible - because underneath it, the ground was riddled with these horrible little creatures that I'm informed are lawn grubs. The hounds had great fun pouncing on them as they rose to the surface, and Ellie even got in on the action "helping" scoop them out and dispose of them. Ick.
Lawn grubs
Here is the back of Mr Fork almost finished laying the grass out in this section of the yard.
In progress
Yuki the hound quite appreciates the new lawn and loves lazing around on it. Both hounds seem very respectful of it actually and Mr Fork tells me they don't even poop on the new grass! You can also see a comparison shot of the line between new and old grass where it hasn't been replaced yet. Mr Fork has been lovingly watering 'his' grass daily, which I appreciate, as I've conned him into watering all my edible plants as well while he's at it.
It's a hard life being a hound
Speaking of edibles, here is what is in my veggie patch at the moment. I know it's late in the season for planting these, but I was assured I could grow them year round in Brisbane, so I tested out some bok choi (it's the one with pretty yellow flowers at the front) and some silver beet.
Bok choi, silver beet
Also spring onions, some dill and you can see the eggplants happily growing on the right side of the photo.
Spring onion, dill, eggplant
Not pictured yet, but very exciting for me, is that Mr Fork has promised me a new raised garden bed. Since he's digging up all the lawn anyway, I figured there was no harm in asking and he was quite pleased to oblige, as he says it will give him somewhere to toss all the (de-lawn-grubbed) old turf and dirt that won't fit into the compost bin. Construction will apparently start shortly I'm assured.
Not an edible, but rather spectacular looking is this grass plant in our front yard. I've fought hard to keep it as it's in a bit of an awkward position but I think it's beautiful. It's growing what I assume will be a flower of some sort? It started off as a small lump of grass in the heart of the plant and is ever so slowly pushing up above the plant on top of the spear part. The yellow section is growing longer and the spear part is growing higher but no other progress is being made. This is the first time in the four (five?) years we've lived here that the plant has done this, so I'm not sure what to expect of the finished product.
How does your garden grow? Have you made any changes for the beginning of Spring?


  1. Manicured Green. Looking good My Dear. Xxx

    1. Thanks! I can take no credit although I'm sure I'll appreciate lying on it when it's all finished. You should come laze with me one day x

  2. You need to get some chickens. They'd love the grubs.

    1. Funny that. I had a dream that I got chickens, and was most disappointed when I woke up and found it wasn't real. I think we'd need a bigger block first though



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