Thursday 11 September 2014

Pregnancy glamour in the third trimester

Find my first post about the realities of pregnancy here.

I just had a couple of thoughts to add to my previous points about the so-called glamour of pregnancy that no one tells you about.
  • A second pregnancy is so much harder than a first. You can't nap when you want to, because there is a toddler demanding attention. You can't just take to bed and expect people to look after you, because guaranteed, no one understands that mama is tired too.
  • Medical professionals will assume you know what you're doing because you've done it ONCE before. I'm telling you, I blocked out most of my Ellie pregnancy but especially that whole labour part. If I'd remembered all the *fun* stuff, I don't know if I would have gone for round two!
  • That fun stuff I mentioned? The tiny stomach space because Attila is taking up all my internal space, so the constant feeling of either indigestion (if I eat) or raging hunger (if I don't). Lack of internal space also means less bladder room, so frequent bathroom trips.
  • The practicing of internal ballet moves and soccer playing becomes less cute the bigger baby gets - now it's just violent movements instead of cute little flutters. Also the kicking of my bladder, which I could certainly live without.
  • Never, ever underestimate the importance of your pelvic floor. Sure, you might think you've done enough exercises the first time... you haven't. Do more. Trust me.
  • The feeling that I just can't stretch anymore, and how can I possibly have another 6 weeks or so to go? My balance is completely off, and there is still more growing to do?!
  • The chaos that surrounds me. I'm not by any means a clean freak, but I like things tidy. Now, we live in filth (not literally). It's just that Ellie cleans like a toddler, and Mr Fork cleans like a man, so they just don't see mess the way I do. I can't bend down or put in the elbow grease to fix it myself and so I often close my eyes to the mess and enjoy snuggles instead.
Finally, I have a parting anecdote to share before I close off my whiney post.
  • I totally understand the urge to throttle one's husband. The other night, Mr Fork hurt his hip playing football. Then, Ellie cried in the middle of the night so he brought her into our bed instead of comforting her in her own room. He then had the nerve to complain because she wanted to snuggle up with him on his pillow. Oh his hip hurt! He didn't have enough room! It was not appreciated when I pointed out that I'm pregnant and carrying around an extra fifth of my body weight right now, with more to gain. That rolling over is hard, that I have to wear a support belt to hold my hips in place and that usually, Ellie sleeps limpet like against me in the bed so that there are three people on my side while he stretches out in glorious spatial luxury alone on his side of the bed. No, all that was brushed aside because his hip hurt and he was squashed. Men!
Make me laugh. Has your significant other just totally not gotten the point?


  1. Oh gosh. See, this is why I really don't know if I will ever be cut out for children, never mind the pregnancy part that precedes them! I really have utmost admiration for juggling a house, a toddler and pregnancy alongside all the other things that no doubt come up each day. I hope the third trimester goes smoothly from here on.

    1. Oh I am sure people out there have it worse. I think children just mean you have to relax standards a little and accept a new definition of 'clean' and 'healthy meal'. Haha. Thank you for the kind words!



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