Friday 19 September 2014

Things I'm looking forward to post pregnancy

Inspired by a Facebook post recently, I decided to compile a list of things that I'm really looking forward to post pregnancy. At first, getting pregnant is awesome! You're still small enough to be comfortable, it's exciting and you're all glowing and happy. Then later, as things progress, you gradually get more uncomfortable and resentful of what you can't have. Probably, even if I could have everything on my list, I wouldn't, but it's the sheer fact that I just can't that makes me want them more.

What kicked off the whole thought process? Well, I had to go to the physio, and they have a special pillow that lets you lie on your stomach. It was LOVELY. I imagine in fact, that I looked something like this:

So, in no particular order, other things I am looking forward to post birth:
  • Lying in a position other than on my side. I may starfish and wallow around on my back immediately after delivery I am looking forward to it that much (another seal picture of that below, it is that cute)
  • A sneaky glass of wine
  • Walking without waddling
  • Rolling over in bed without it needing to be (at least) a three point maneuver
  • Tiny person snuggles
  • Soft cheeses! 
  • Decent time periods without needing to wee
  • New baby smell
  • Sushi
  • Having a choice in clothing again (my pregnancy wardrobe is small)
  • Being able to wear heels if I want to
  • Painting my own toes
  • Eating a decent sized meal without indigestion

I'd like to say sleep but I figure that's not something I'll get any more of...

Have I missed anything important here?

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