Friday 3 June 2016

Mama, please look after my bear...

Before we even got pregnant, I'd fallen in love with a friend's baby's Flat Out Bear. It's a bear made from sheepskin and they're so soft and chewable and perfect for little fingers to explore. Mr Fork went out and bought me a big white one which I named Mortimer, and a little one, which he explained would be for our future child.

When Ellie arrived, she was given this bear, and when she was old enough, her daddy told her that story - she just loves her baby bear. They always sleep together, and they're very close. So it was a big deal, when I was packing for a recent Melbourne trip, that Ellie slipped her baby bear into my suitcase, and told me that she was sending her bear along with me so I had something to snuggle with. Of course, she also told me that she would have Mortimer while I was away, thank you very much.

I was appropriately touched. I decided that I would text pictures of baby bear on my work trip back to Mr Fork so that Ellie could see what we were up to. It was a hit! Perhaps my colleagues may never let me live it down that I carried and posed a bear around our office, and I certainly gave the workshop participants something to talk about when I walked in to facilitate and carried a bear up to speak with me... here are a few pictures of what we got up to.

Here we are waiting at the airport.
Posing on the hotel bed, so she knew I was looking after her bear and keeping it company.
What? Oh, just hanging out in the reading chair.
The view from the hotel window in the morning.
Why yes... we do have a swing in our office. I think all offices should have one!
This is the view from our Melbourne office. I'm told it's lovely, except when the F1 car race is on, as it's run quite near, and then it's just noisy and traffic is annoying.
Ellie was quite impressed seeing all that her baby bear got up to and I thought it was a lovely way for her to be involved in my travel, which is otherwise a bit lonely and impersonal. And I got a cute little bear to keep me company. Wins all around!

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  1. aww how sweet of her and how gorgeous are those photos - I want an office with a swing now



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