Thursday 30 June 2016

Conversations with my toddler

You can see previous conversations I've had here and here.

Ellie has a cold so she's a bit congested at the moment. She leans over right into my face and breathes
E: Mama, can you hear my nose singing?
Me: ... Ellie that's called breathing. And you're actually breathing snot all over me...
E: But mama, it's a song!


In the morning, over breakfast:
E: Mama, I wish you were dead.
Me: That's a terrible thing to say Ellie. Why do you wish that?
E: Don't be silly mama, I'm only pretending. I love you. But I wish you were dead.
Me: ...

After she'd been particularly irritating and picking fights with Jimmy and I:
E: Mama, I'm sorry for being naughty. Even though I'm naughty, you still love me all the time though don't you?
Me: Of course Ellie. I love you even when you're naughty. But I'm proudest when you use your good behaviour.
E: So mama, will you keep me forever? Please?!
Oh toddlers. This stage is just so adorable!


  1. awww she is so cute - I'd keep her if I were you :-)

  2. I'd keep her, but not the nose singing ;)

    1. LOL, yes I could have done without that too!



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