Thursday 16 July 2015

Conversations with my toddler

Sharing for general amusement, here are some conversations that I've had, or overheard Ellie having lately.
While I was cooking dinner in the kitchen, everyone else was sitting in the lounge room
E (to Mr Fork): Daddy, can you sing ABCD with me on my piano please?
She proceeds to start tinkling on her little 4-note toy piano. Mr Fork dutifully sings along, a letter to each note (it's the alphabet song). On completion, Ellie proceeds to end with a flourish of notes and then starts her own round of applause
E: That was really well done, great job Ellie, Jimmy and Daddy!

Jimmy and I were picking up Ellie from daycare and I told her that I'd baked her a cake for afternoon tea.
E: Mama, did you bake me a cake?
M: I did, baby!
E: Did you?
M: I did!
E: Is it for me?
M: Yes it is for you. I made you a chocolate banana cake all for you.
E: Did you?
{ponders} Oh mama, you made me a cake!

I was trying very hard to still be asleep in the morning, but I couldn't help but overhear Mr Fork talking to Ellie and Jimmy in the lounge room.
Mr Fork (MF): Ellie, can you go and ask mama does she want to go out for breakfast?
E: Ok daddy! {
pitter patter of little feet into our bedroom}
E: Hello mama! {
hands reaching up and patting me} Mama?
M: Good morning Ellie.
E: Mama, can I come in and snuggle with you? {
climbs in - her feet are freezing}
E: Mama, can I put my cold feet on you and you warm them and then you have to cuddle me?
MF: Ellie where are you? {
he comes in and she pretends to be snoring in my arms}
E: Daddy, can you bring me toast and mama a coffee please? I want peanut butter!
I love a girl who knows what she wants!


It's cold in the mornings and Ellie is a bit of a princess. I was in the kitchen cooking porridge when I hear the following from the bathroom:
E: Daddy, the seat is cold.
MF: Ok I'll warm it for you {
I have no idea what he does}
E: Daddy, it's still cold. Can you use your big bottom and warm it please?
E: Thanks Daddy!
I was giggling uncontrollably wondering what was happening as since she knew to ask for it, it's presumably happened before. Later I asked how his "big bottom" warms the toilet, and was tartly told that he sat on her training seat to take the chill off first. Now that's love!!


Last one! I will note that at the moment, the sun doesn't really rise properly until about 6am. At the moment it's 5:30 and it's cold. Ellie sprints into our room and shouts way too exuberantly for when it's cold and dark:
E: Gooooood morning mama! It's a beautiful day! Can you hear the birds singing? It's going to be a beautiful day! Can you get up and make me breakfast mama?
Have you overheard any funny conversations lately? 


  1. These are brilliant :-) Thanks for sharing - I can understand why you've giggled aloud for some of them! Ellie sounds like a great little character.

    1. It's so lovely to see her finally becoming her own little person Kari. I'm in awe! :-)

  2. Lisa, these are gorgeous. I love your hubby warming the seat with his big bottom! Haha. Bron x

    1. LOL Bron, I want to know if it was her description or his originally!! Haha

  3. Haha, how cute does she sound? Kids are so funny sometimes!

    1. They do don't they! It's so funny to see them developing humour!

  4. Aww. Ellie seems like a little sweetheart.
    I love reading conversations like this. Adorable.

    Stopping by from the Aussie Bloggers group. :)

  5. Lovely! One of my friends regularly posts these kinds of conversations with her toddler on facebook and I love them. I have a 12year old, so our conversations have taken a different turn but can also be equally hilarious and heartwarming. I have a one year old as well so I'm looking forward to her beginning to chat with me. :)



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