Tuesday 21 July 2015

The Rabbit Hole Cafe - Bean Scene #3

When Mr Fork sends Ellie in to ask me what I want for breakfast, what he generally means is "do you want to go out somewhere to get {him} a big meaty meal?" However, often I'll have been up late feeding Jimmy, so I give him the hairy eyeball and try to close my eyes for 5 more minutes of peace. That idea goes out the window when a certain toddler starts jumping next to me in bed chanting something about babycinos.

At that point I give in and get dressed, leaving the decision of where to go up to Mr Fork and his pint sized babycino-guzzling partner in crime. One of the places that we know has something to suit everyone in our family is The Rabbit Hole Cafe.
Located at 5 The Corso, Seven Hills, parking is easy, and the Campos coffee is always speedily delivered and unfailingly good to drink. They're open from 7am every day - just pick a table and order at the counter when ready. I  like to sit inside so I can look at the pretty wallpaper.
The all day breakfast menu has never failed to disappoint (Ellie is a big fan of the children sized pancakes with strawberries ($10), while Mr Fork loves the big breaky ($22), not pictured as he started gobbling before I could get to it).
Of special note, this is a dog friendly cafe, and there are always diners there with well behaved hounds in tow, which is a trend I fully support. It also helps to amuse Ellie and Jimmy as they like to point (and squawk in Jimmy's case) at the doggies outside while we wait for our meals to come out.
The smashed avo ($14) is a bit fancy here, served with fresh sliced tomato, lemon, sprinkled feta and some rocket.
It's the perfect meal to start the day, and keeps me going nicely without snacking, until lunchtime and beyond. I love a cafe that's equally lovely for adults, children and hounds, which is one of the reasons we keep coming back. And I have it on genuine toddler authority they do a great babycino!

Do you have a favourite local cafe?

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  1. I too like dog friendly cafes and that wall paper is gorgeous! Going out might rob you of some sleep but at least when you get here it seems to deliver consistently :)

    1. This is true. Who needs sleep when I get such lovely dining companions, yes? :)

  2. Ironically, I live in the country and there are very few dog-friendly cafes. Different council laws I guess. It's weird that I have to travel to the coast or cities to be able to take my dog with me to dine. I love a dog-friendly cafe.

  3. All those photos look delicious! We've recently relocated to a capital city which has lots of dog-friendly options, but my favourite place to eat is still my old cafe in Berri, SA - called Sprouts - they just do lots of really delicious food and I love the smallness of it.

    PS - whenever I ask my husband 'What shall we do for dinner?', what I really mean is either 'let's get Thai' or 'you should cook for me!'



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