Monday 24 August 2015

More conversations with my toddler

Life has been a big hectic lately with returning to work and lots of family events happening. However, because the last lot of conversations was such a hoot, here are some more recent Ellie-isms I've jotted down recently!
Just about any time we go out somewhere
E: Daddy, pick me up. I am too busy to walk!

At bedtime
Mr Fork: Can I have a goodnight kiss?
E: No daddy, I have no more kisses to give.
Me: Can I have a kiss?
E: Here you go mama!

Random conversation in the car on the way home from somewhere
E: Mama, don't leave me behind!
Me: Ellie, I won't leave you behind. You are always welcome where I am. Well... maybe you might like to stop sneaking into bed with me some times.
E: But last night mama, there were monsters in my room, and I just wanted some snuggles... and you're welcome mama.
I was left pondering how she turned the conversation around to make her sneaking into bed and taking up most of it A FAVOUR for me!


Toddlers! They say the best things!

1 comment:

  1. Lol!! The car comment made me smile "don't leave me behind"!! ... Funny. They do say the best things. You may have inspired me to start taking better notes of it... Instead of just pytting it all in emails to my parents ��



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