Wednesday 12 January 2011

City under siege

For those who don't know, Brisbane is currently under floor warning.  This morning, 75% of QLD was declared a disaster zone.  In the aftermath of Toowoomba's flash flooding yesterday, the Brisbane forecast is not great, with predictions that we could equal or exceed the flood waters of 1974.  The heavy rainfall which has lasted over a month, in conjunction with high tides and the full dam capacity means flood releases will be constant.  The death toll is currently at 10, with 90 missing.  

I was told to leave work yesterday while the leaving was good.  As I left, the river broke it's banks at West End, and crossing Southbank, had just covered the bike way and was en route to the grassy knoll outside QPAC.  Ipswich and Caboolture were on evacuation alert.

Our house is fine; we're on a hill and suffered only a little soggy yard.  And smelly puppies.  So its extremely unlikely that we'll have to evacuate - which is good as I haven't bothered to prepare anything. 

This morning, the river flooded over the Yeronga Corso.  Much of the CBD was shut down and power cut.  Some of my friends have left their homes in search of higher ground, others have been flooded already.  There has been a run on grocery stores as some areas are now isolated and others expect to be without power for up to 5 days.  Fresh fruit and veg, bread, eggs and milk are in short supply.  I'm Asian, so I do like to buy in bulk and we're fine, although our loo paper and bird seed supplies are a little low.  

To those who have offered thoughts and prayers for us, thanks.  Its going to be a tough couple of days - while we're fine, I have friends and family who aren't as lucky and my thoughts are with them.  This is a picture of Eagle St pier.  Somewhere under that mass of water is a bike path that I often ride on, and restaurants I frequent.

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