Wednesday 26 January 2011

Happy Australia Day

While the rest of the country:

a) sits back to watch the cricket
b) basks somewhere on a beach
c) laze in a blow up pool in the backyard with JJJ hottest 100 on full volume (thanks neighbours)
d) has a BBQ and throws back the beers
e) all of the above

I sit and try to do my assignment.  The assignment that I asked for an extension for because the floods destroyed my assignment mojo.  I know, karma will bite me.

It's too hot, I can't concentrate and Australia Day is not made for assignments dammit!

At least, now it is afternoon, I can relax with a drink.  I'm still trying to get through all the engagement champagne (Mr Fork is no help), and in the absence of strawberries, I improvised with fresh Tasmanian cherries.  I quite like the way they turned my drink pink and the bubbles make them float and dance around in my glass.  Delicious!

1 comment:

  1. Hey lady - have arrived safely in Sydney, and working on a post at new blog site - - miss you! dork



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