Wednesday 16 January 2013

Hairly there

When I was pregnant, I read that one of the symptoms was that your hair would become all thick and lush (love those hormones!).  I have to say, I was excited about that, because I'm one of those girls whose hair goes limp as soon as you look at it.  Fine hair means I can't go longer than two days without washing it, or it becomes oily on top and lank at the bottom.  And styling it?  Well, there is a pony tail or out. And leaving it out makes it greasy in an instant. Oh yes, I've certainly been blessed in the hair department.

So I was very sad when I didn't notice any difference in my pregnancy hair.  It didn't suddenly become all Kate Middleton gorgeous, nor did it happen over any length of time either.  I just chalked it up to another myth that didn't apply to me.  

In fact, after I gave birth, I thought those hormones kicked in and my hair was fabulous.  Perhaps it really was the hormones talking there, because considering how tired, cranky and sleep deprived I was, hair (styling, washing, any attention whatsoever) was pretty low on my priority list, so I'm sure it didn't look as wonderful as I thought it did (or wonderful at all really).

I digress.  The reason for the post is that all that lush hair that I thought I didn't get while I was pregnant?  Well it seems to be falling out now.  Sure, I didn't notice it when I had it but I'm definitely sitting up and paying attention now.  Our robot vacuum cleaner (I call him Jeeves) is vacuuming more hair than ever before; so much so that I have to cut these hairballs from his rollers (below image for display purposes only). 

I get out of bed and there are long Lisa hairs stuck to the pillows. I comb my hair and hanks of it remain on the comb.  And don't even get me started on running my hands through my hair anymore - last time I did that, I had enough strands to make a replica Grug (remember him?)

My point is, all you pregnant ladies out there, treasure your locks (even if you don't think they're doing the thick luscious pregnancy thing).  Treasure them I say!!  Who knows where the hair loss will end now?  

PS: Annoyingly, this hair shedding does not seem to extend to other areas of my body which are as hairy as they ever were.  If hair is going to fall out, if there is any justice in the world it should at least include my leg hairs!

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