Saturday 23 March 2013

Things that make me go ahhh

As a mother, I've learnt to take my 'me' moments where I can get them.  Often they are snatched when Ellie is sleeping, and it's hard to tell how long that might be for.  It could be 10 minutes or it could be a couple of hours.  

It's a tough gig, motherhood.  Movies I watched growing up showed Stepford mothers in aprons whipping up a daily roast, having time to garden, bake nutritious home made snacks, wash, fold, iron and still have time to socialise and have a coffee.  Lies, I say. Or maybe I'm just doing it wrong. For a large percentage of the day, I have a small human attached to me. She is completely dependent on me to anticipate and respond to her needs. I can't really have any 'off' time when it's just me at home and I've never been able to nap when she naps. When she was very small, Mr Fork used to bring Ellie into bed with us. He would fall asleep instantly, but I would lie awake twitching at every small snuffle and sigh she would make in her sleep. It was a huge relief when he stopped doing that and let her sleep in her cot in her own room.

I digress. As I was saying, it's important to me to be able to grab some downtime when I can. At the moment, food is really helping me in those moments. Breastfeeding really takes it out of you, and it's tough to eat when Ellie constantly wants to grab what I'm having or gaze adoringly into my eyes when all I want to do is finish the page I'm reading and relax.

Here are things that are making me go 'ahhhhh' when I get a moment to myself:

  • Chai tea mix. I used to spend a fortune on chai lattes when I was working. Now I can have a cup when I feel like it in my own home. Win! Next step, learn to make the mix myself

  • MaltEaster bunnies. Need I say more really?

  • Candles. I love them and this vanilla bean scented one reminds me of many good things such as cookies and baking and summer moisturisers

  • Cupcakes. Even better if they're homemade and vegan. These are sexy low fat vanilla cupcakes from the 'Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World' book. They are amazing. Just saying!

  • Marie Claire magazine. I was gifted a subscription while pregnant and it's been a great gift. Unlike a book where I can get lost for hours, magazine articles are short(er) and easier to read in a sitting so I can pick it up and put it down. Even better that this magazine is not just full of celebrity gossip (don't get me wrong, I do enjoy that!), but articles where I feel my intelligence isn't constantly being insulted. Pre-baby, I used to tear through a magazine in less than a day, but now it takes me the whole month to get through in between doing other things. And it's delivered to my door. Perfect!

How do you spend your downtime and take a moment for yourself?

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