Monday 25 March 2013

Current ear worms

You know those songs that just get stuck in your head and you can't stop singing them?  And when the radio plays them you sing along with every word? Those songs where you've sung them so much, if you start a line, your partner can finish it? Well, here are my current top ear worms:

#1 Just Give Me A Reason - Pink featuring Nate Ruess
Love this song. Just love it. I'm still kicking myself that yet again, I missed tickets to see her show - she's an amazing person, artist and mother. And Nate? Well, I have loved all the songs he's released with Fun so far.

#2 Impossible - James Arthur
Mr Fork informs me that James is a contestant on some music talent show, which makes me like him a little less really.  This song though? Fabulous.

#3 Beneath Your Beautiful - Labrinth feat Emili Sande
Yes, the grammar/spelling in the title annoys me like you wouldn't believe. Hey, it works for them and gets people talking about it. The song itself used to bring me to tears, but that could probably be written off under hormones... yeah, let's go with that.

#4 I Could Be The One - Avicii, featuring Nicky Romero
I don't know. I'm not usually into dancey stuff, but something about it just gets stuck in my head and won't come out. Probably because it only has about 10 words and they're all very catchy.

#5 Candy - Robbie Williams
This song reminds me of summer. Or of when I was small and used to be a roller skater and during social skating sessions, they'd put on something boppy and happy sounding like this song. Also, Ellie loves to use her jolly jumper to music and this is one of her favourites. 

#6 Wish You Were Here - Delta Gordon
Ever since I saw her on 'The Voice' tv show, Delta has annoyed me. I love this song though.

#7 Small Bump - Ed Sheeran
I first heard this song while I was pregnant, and I had to listen to it a few times before the words sank in and I understood what he was singing about. And then I cried every time I heard it. I still get a little teary now, especially when I think back to how I felt carrying my tiny human around inside of me. I think that's something that makes a song great though - the ability to make people think and feel when they hear it. 
And, finally to my shame,

#8 Little Things - One Direction
I don't know what to say. Except that I'm a sucker for a boy band and an even bigger sucker for a good love song. Shush.

Needless to say, poor Ellie is being serenaded with quite a few of these at the moment, mainly because I know all the words and can croon them at will. I shudder a little to think that these will be the songs my daughter associates with me when she's older but I'm unable unwilling to change them.

Do you have any songs you can't get our of your head? Any songs you know all the words to? I'd love to know what they are and why - share your current ear worms with me in the comments!

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