Wednesday 14 August 2013

Winter Hibernation

The lovely people at Mum's Say recently sent me a Winter hibernation pack to help me enjoy winter with good food, some relaxation and warmth. In the pack was a gorgeous reed diffuser from Freedom and a hardcover copy of Valli Little's Delicious Home Cooking.

Of course, with the lovely weather we've been having in Brisbane lately, it hasn't felt like winter at all, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate lovely things nonetheless!
I wasted no time in opening the reed diffuser and setting it up. It's a gorgeous Moroccan oil and jasmine fragrance, and it smells beautiful without being too overpowering. The only complaint I have, and it really is just a tiny one, is that getting the stopper out to set it up practically required a university degree. I had scissors, Mr Fork had a corkscrew and between us we managed it, but I did sustain a cut thumb in the process.  
The cookbook is just amazing. I can't wait until I can write up a new shopping list and add some new things into the meal plan! Valli's recipes are approachable and definitely things which are achievable to the home cook. There aren't any strange ingredients or overly long methods and the book also includes tips to turn ordinary family meals into something you could put on the cover of a magazine. Yes please!
The book is divided into the four seasons, with each season thoughtfully containing starters, mains, desserts and a sample menu. I'm especially pleased that each recipe is accompanied with full colour photographs which almost make me want to lick the page. I'm always disappointed when a cookbook doesn't show you what the finished product should look like. I can't wait to get cooking - there are spinach gnocchi and some corn cakes calling my name, along with an impressively easy looking apricot tart!
What about you - how do you enjoy winter?

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