Tuesday 6 August 2013

Tuesday tidbits

What's been making me smile lately
  • When I got on the bus to go to work today, the go card machine was down, so I got a free trip. Score!
  • The Tyrannosaurus memes going around at the moment. Especially this one:
  • And this one:
  • Watching Ellie get more independent. At swimming she is being taught to climb out of the water herself, to the refrain of "elbows, elbows, tummy, knees". I saw her use the exact same technique to climb the stairs at a playground yesterday, all on her own. My little bean is growing up! 
  • Nutella. Mr Fork had a jar of it and was spooning it happily into his gob and offered me a taste. Oh my word, how did I forget how marvellous that stuff was? It's dangerous to have in the house!!
What's been making you smile lately?

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