Wednesday 11 September 2013

E for Education

No I’m not talking which school your child will go to, but more like learning through play type education. I will probably be shot down for voicing this, but I sort of think of it as something similar to raising a puppy and the environmental enrichment you provide. Ellie is sometimes very much like a little pet – she follows people around the house, will bite Mr Fork’s toe if he pays more attention to his iPhone than to her, and thinks that everything in the house belongs to her.

Since she was very small, I have been quite particular about the type of play Ellie and I do. I much prefer her to have a mama who is there for her in each moment instead of putting her in front of the television or a piece of technology. I think it’s perfectly acceptable that if I play with my iPad that she be allowed to look at it too. Otherwise, why get it out in front of her? My preference though, is for active play, and to let her have toys that will let her learn through what she’s doing.

When she was smaller, her favourite toys were ones that had lots of textures and noises like her very hungry caterpillar. She also loved her mat which encouraged both hand/eye coordination and tummy time. 

Now she loves blocks and balloons (which if they aren't helium I enclose in a fabric cover so if they burst she can’t eat any pieces).

She also loves painting, dancing (either with me or by herself), anything soft and fluffy (including our hound!) and musical instruments. She has even become a bit creative in making music – she has a rattle and a little piano but Ellie loves beating two blocks together, or tipping everything out of her bucket and using that as a drum.

How do you enrich your child's environment?

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