Monday 30 September 2013

Ellie turns one!

On Saturday, we celebrated Ellie's first birthday. Despite the weather being a little gloomy, a great time was had. We didn't really go all out for the day because a) I don't think she will remember it in detail anyway and b) I am lazy. While other mummies plan lovely themed parties and make gorgeous cakes, I'm content if I can throw on an outfit that is coordinated. We therefore settled on celebrating theme-free that quite frankly, we've made it to a year and haven't done anything seriously damaging to our daughter so far!

So, what was the birth day of 1 year old Ellie like?

At 6:45 we went off to swimming lessons. It sounds like a horrid time of the day, but with the sun getting up early, so does Ellie and 5am is the normal wake up time now. On work days, I appreciate this. Other days, not so much! As a twelve month old, she's moved up to the toddler class and now does much more swimming without being held, and learning to move herself around the pool more.

We came home and opened presents. In line with our present policy, Mr Fork and I got Ellie a giant wooden xylophone. Just quietly, it's a bit of a hit!

She loves it! Hound photobomb and Mr Fork being mysterious
My aunt was visiting for the weekend and festivities and she assisted with the creative direction of the cake. I was going to do the comparison of the Pinterest photo inspiration and the end result but that's just depressing, so here's my version only. I'm not going to justify it except to say that again, she won't remember it and it looked much better in my head! Also, you know, I went to the effort of making a cake. That's love right there.

Hello piranha cake! Do you live in the Amazon?
Ellie's friends (and the friends of Mr Fork and I) came over for the kid friendly party which was basically an open door between 11 - 2. Children's sleep schedules are so unreliable so we made it easy for people to just turn up and celebrate with us. Much festivity was had, but unfortunately I was too busy 'assisting' with present opening and socialising, so not many photos were taken. Here's a photo of the cake cutting. Note that the tutu also got an outing!

Cake cutting fun! Turns out Ellie loves chocolate (duh)
After the kid's party, it was time for a nap (for everyone). Then cleaning up in preparation for an influx of family members to celebrate over dinner. Many more presents and cuddles happened. A big deal was made of Ellie walking. Oh yes, I'm not one to brag about baby milestones, but Ellie started walking in the weeks before her birthday. I am just so proud of her!

This also happened. As I was cleaning up, I dropped a salad bowl. It was a reflex reaction to just stick my foot out and try to stop it breaking. Well, I did that, but I also broke my toe in the process. Silly mama! Lucky aforementioned aunt has a first aid certificate and got me iced up and resting. Mr Fork says I did it on purpose to get out of cleaning up but with the pain that comes with a broken toe, I tell you this was completely accidental! I'll spare you the horror of a colour photo. And not that having a broken toe stopped me having a much needed pedicure either. Guess which toes are usually buddy taped together though?!

Toe. Broken.
All in all, it was a great day. Life with a one year old is lovely. From birth to now, she has developed so much. She is walking, making baby talk and is so sociable and smiley. She loves to laugh and play with musical toys and anything fluffy. She will give cuddles and kisses and is just such a people person. It's been one of the best years of my life and I can't wait to see how she changes over the next year.

Happy first birthday bean!
I love birthdays, even if they're not mine. What's your favourite way to celebrate a birthday?

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