Thursday 30 January 2014

Beach getaway

Over the recent long weekend, Mr Fork had a boys' night scheduled, so instead of staying home alone, I decided to take Ellie on a road trip up the coast to visit my aunt for a few nights.

It was really lovely for Mr Fork to have some man time, but I think I was the real winner getting a happy, snuggly toddler all to myself. We shared a room there, so in the mornings, she would wake and I would lift her into bed with me for some quiet snuggles (and to allow everyone else to get a little more sleep before loud toddler shrieks of joy rocked the house!).

We went to the beach and explored. Although a real water baby in the pool, Ellie was not too impressed with the waves and much preferred the sensation of sand on her toes I think.

We explored local markets and my aunt bought Ellie a gorgeous little sundress.

There was also lots of food consumed (and not just by Ellie!). Tapas and wine was had.

Farm fresh figs.

I think Ellie could get used to a holiday lifestyle, with soy babycinos (I discovered she's not so good with cow milk babycinos!) and almond croissants for breakfast!

How did you spend the long weekend?

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