Tuesday 7 January 2014

Summer heat

If you live anywhere in Queensland, but especially Brisbane, you'll know what I mean when I say, how hot has it been lately?! Seriously, until the massive storm hit yesterday, it was really feeling like spontaneous human combustion was not only possible but becoming extremely likely!!

I'm not talking regular summer heat here, but 40C plus (that's about 104F for my American friends). Holy melt the tar off the road Batman! Mr Fork and I tried to hang out at the shopping centres to take advantage of free air-conditioning, but Ellie was having none of it, and threw one of her biggest tantrums yet. She really just wants to be independent and walk around on her own, but as she won't hold hands, she is constantly running in front of people or off into the opposite direction because she has seen something interesting. If you pick her up, it's an even possibility she'll allow you to wrap/carry her, or she'll scream and thrash around randomly. Toddlers, gah!

Anyway, since we couldn't have free air-con, we grudgingly came home and made ourselves a cool little nest where we all just hung out. The house, except for Ellie's room was locked down and we ran the massive air-con in the lounge, which kept everything at a tolerable temperature and cooled Ellie's room down enough for her to nap away the grumps. Hurrah!

How else does one keep cool in such monstrous heat? Well, ice blocks help. Even better if we got many ice block moulds for Christmas and got to make awesome delicious fruity concoctions.

Mango, kiwifruit and pineapple deliciousness
The blow up pool got a workout too. Even I stood in there and splashed around a bit. Ellie thought that was hilarious. She just loves this towel that packs into a little butterfly backpack that her grandparents got her for Christmas.

The pool actually came in handy when Ellie was scoffing down her mango and pineapple ice blocks. She's not the tidiest eater, or the fastest, so she was a sticky mess at the end of it, and could not be dissuaded from sticky kisses or cuddles... not that I minded (too much).

In the 40+ heat, there is nothing worse than being unnecessarily hot. Even lying in air conditioning, it's still pretty hot. Which is why it was annoying when the puppies and Ellie also chose to lie either on top of me, or right beside me. Lucky they are cute and I love them...

However, not everything hates the heat. Although lots of my garden wilted during the day and perked up again overnight, my eggplants seem to thrive on the heat. They've shot up loads and I can even see a few flowers already. I think I'll need to stake up these babies soon! I do love home grown eggplants too.

How are you coping with the weather where you are? 

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