Thursday 23 January 2014

Paralysis ticks - the aftermath

Thank you to everyone who has asked about Yuki.

She is finally back home again and on the mend. She came home late last week but had to be admitted again the next day as she still wasn't quite strong enough to be home yet.

She has lost a fair amount of weight and her appetite is very small, but she's being coaxed into eating a special bland food diet (although Ellie insists on offering whatever she is having as well). She still can't blink properly and her face is still partially paralysed so we put in eye drops every four hours, and she has a course of antibiotics to finish off still too.

However! She is home now. Much balder, a little shaky when walking but pleased to be back and reunited with all of us. The vets said she was a lovely patient and even gave her a little bandana!

Just home from the vet
In related news, we found out that our next door neighbour's dog also had a tick recently (when we went to tell them about Yuki). They had removed the tick, shaved their dogs, and even identified the possum carrier, which liked to run between our fences all the time. Yet they didn't think to mention it to us! Not cool, neighbours.

A week or so before the tick incident
The vet told us to give it a week or so before she'd likely be back at 90% and then at least a month until she'd be 100% herself. She's a fighter, and I think she's secretly loving all the extra attention she's getting.

This got me thinking, how do you get on with your neighbours? Do you chat to them much?

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