Monday 26 May 2014

Shan't, Won't, Cant

I can't...Wear fringes (I just don't have enough hair and it gets too greasy). Sleep when someone else is snoring. Sleep in (yeah, it sucks when someone has been snoring all night). Refrain from putting in my 2c.

I can...
Ride a motorcycle. Write my name in Chinese. Check my email and Facebook way more than they need to be checked. Make a mean apple crumble. Sew and mend basic items. Grow my own food.

I won't
Take crap from people anymore. Watch a favourite musical without singing. Apologise for previously mentioned singing. Be embarrassed for having a small crush on Edward Cullen. Let being tired stop me from having family time.

Just look at those eye bags!

I will...
Let myself be heard when I think it's important enough. Spend too much money on shoes. Cry when I'm frustrated, angry, emotional, sleep deprived and sometimes even when I don't get my own way. Squeak like a mouse on my own behalf but you better believe I'm a tiger when it comes to my family!

I shouldn't...
Feel guilty for eating so much pizza. Eat so much junk food. Look back on lost opportunities as much as I do. Shop online. Send emails without stopping to think first.

I should...
Make more time for me. Like myself naked. Write more. Better control my temper and tongue. Learn to make my own refried beans. Make more of an effort with family sometimes.

What are some of your can/will/shoulds?

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