Friday 23 May 2014

The one in which I post some randomness

Life has been busy lately. It's actually been a whole lot of busy with a little bit of life thrown in. Sometimes things are just like that right? I do admit I long for a bit of excitement when things are slow, but then I wish things would just relax a bit when life moves too fast. Can't win!

I had to go to Sydney for work for a few nights, so Mr Fork and Ellie were left to fend for themselves. In a fit of mama guilt just before leaving, I baked her a another batch of apple and cinnamon wacky cakes and made sure Mr Fork had enough meals available so they wouldn't starve. I needn't have bothered; they were well able to fend for themselves.

This was my hotel room view while I was away. Nice right?

Night view

Morning view
Unfortunately, I sleep terribly in hotel beds, so despite a nice cushy mattress and mounds of pillows to myself I didn't really rest well at all. Which didn't really bode well for my teaching style while I was there, as I fear I took my tired and grumpy out on people who didn't deserve it.

However! It was nice to have some time away and even nicer to come home to cuddles from my little family, who obligingly fetched me from the airport.

So now, life is settling back into our routine, I have a home day to spend with my sweet Ellie today. We are going to a water park for morning tea and to play with friends, then we will have lunch, nap and have afternoon tea somewhere nice.

I'm looking forward to having some weekend time to bake and restock the freezer for those times when we need to eat and I just don't have the energy to cook anything.

What sort of things do you make at those occasions?

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