Sunday 26 October 2014

Christmas gifts sorted with Giftorium

Christmas shopping is difficult at the best of times. I imagine, that when Attila finally makes an appearance, gift shopping will be even more difficult with a new born in tow. In fact, I'm dreading it a little, and trying to get as much done now in my nesting phase as possible.

So, I was super excited to be invited along to the launch of Myer's Giftorium concept recently. Launching in 68 stores nationally, Giftorium was developed to bring back a bit of the fun, theatre and engagement to Christmas shopping, as well as improve services and engage customers. Wait, what? Gift shopping that is fun and engaging and theatrical? Where my toddler can be entertained by magicians and roving Treat Street assistants in quirky costumes handing out free food? Where I can get product demonstrations and recommendations and even book a specific appointment time with a Giftician or to meet Santa? Sign me up please!

Myer has trained a bunch of 'Gifticians' to assist with picking out the perfect present, and they'll provide advice across age groups, interests and budgets. I tried them out shopping for ideas for Attila, and Mr Fork, and they were pretty darn good with the suggestions I have to say. I may have already purchased a little something for Mr Fork based on their recommendations...

If you'd rather wander around and select gifts yourself, the Giftorium has been divided into twelve themes, which group bunches of gifts into categories. I was particularly drawn to the 'Trendy Young Thing' and the 'Fashionista' sections, but Ellie couldn't be torn away from 'Kids Cubby', and the 'Hop, Skip and Juice' areas.

Now I can't be certain, but her attraction to the Hop, Skip and Juice (otherwise known as the healthy, fitness section) may have been because it was also set up near an amazing snack table. I am just saying... sometimes the links between these things need to be pointed out. There were also roving Treat Street attendants handing out popcorn, Wizz Fizz, drinks and balloons (Treat Street will only be available in the main city stores I understand).

I didn't need to ask the Gifticians for help picking something for Ellie because she made a beeline for a few things right away. Like this pink purse and a giant Minnie Mouse doll which was almost as tall as her. What can I say, my girl likes to colour coordinate things! I may have bought her that purse too...

For those people who are hard to buy for, there is also a nifty little stand in selected stores which lets you customise merchandise with your name and choice of Mr Men/Little Miss character. I think mine is rather appropriate. Mr Fork snorted when he saw it...

So I think I'm getting a little more excited about Christmas shopping this year, even though I'll have a new born with me and be facing hoards of crowds. Myer has really pulled out all the stops to make sure that they are a one stop destination for festive gift giving needs.

Giftorium is officially launched on 8 November nationally, and there will be a bunch of activities scheduled to celebrate from that date onwards, on weekends and other key dates. These include face painting, balloon artists, musical performances, demonstrations about Christmas tree and table dressing, workshops and book readings. 

It really is showcasing the wonder of Christmas... I mean, just look at that face, with Mickey ears and clutching a little handbag (and maybe a little hyped up on all the sugary treats). That face... that wonder... that's what Christmas is all about!

Disclaimer: Ellie and I were invited to a media launch of the Myer Giftorium concept space and provided with a goodie bag and sugary treats. Opinions are my own.

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