Friday 31 October 2014

How does your garden grow, October 2014

Oh hey! Spring has sprung here at Chez Fork, and the garden is doing all kinds of wonderful things! Apologies in advance for the many images in this post. It's just managing to squeak in for the month too!

First up, that grass tree flower thing has topped out at well over 2m of that brown spiny stuff, and is finally starting to develop little blooms on it. I think they look at bit like fairies with all the fluffy white stuff, and I've been watching with interest as they take over the stalk. That stalk also has a personality of it's own - at the beginning of each day, it stands straight and tall, and when I look at it again in the afternoon, it droops over sadly as though holding itself upright all day has been a chore and it's tired now. I've never seen anything like it before.

My poor sad citrus are finally starting to come good again. The little mandarin tree is covered in lots of new growth and seems to sprout up a few centimetres each night!

The lemon tree, which was decimated by grasshoppers is now sprouting lots of new leaves all over stems which I'd thought were goners. It's a pretty purple/red sort of growth and I think it looks lovely against the existing green leaves.

The little lime tree is just covered in blossoms and new leaves. Mr Fork is quite excited at the thought that we may even get some fruit this year. It's a possibility, but I won't be holding my breath about it!

You can see in the background that the passionfruit is still going strong, but it doesn't seem to be as luscious as I'd like it to be. I might get out there and put some organic matter into the ground to encourage it. There are a few flowers, and I'm pleased to say, three fruit on the vine at last count! Hurrah! I'm not really sure what I did to make that happen though.

Mr Fork set up my new garden bed too. I've filled it, added compost and mulch and I'm just letting it sit while I decide what should go into it. I'm thinking some carrots and some tomato and perhaps even some cucumbers as they've been hideously priced lately.

My existing bed has some silverbeet which is doing quite well (at the back of the below picture), and the bok choi I think has finally dried out enough that I can harvest the seed pods and use the space for something else now.

The eggplants seem to be making a revival, which is nice.

I need another tomato to seed up, so hopefully with the warmer weather something will sprout from the dropped seeds in there.

I have some green potatoes which are no longer good for eating but are starting to sprout, so they've been put aside to work on growing a bit more, and then I'll dig them into a spare pile of dirt.

I've put in a new chilli seedling and it's doing well (albeit a little eaten) in a Styrofoam box with a lonely little lettuce.

The turf squares of grass are starting to root in, although Mr Fork is sad to see the brown patches, which he informs me are due to lawn grubs still. He is also tired of me making jokes about how much the dogs are enjoying the grass. What?! It's a pooch on the cooch! A hound on the ground! A dog arse on the grass.... ok fine.

How is your garden growing?


  1. I love the dog jokes ;) I'm impressed with your plants too - they are doing really well!

    1. I have to say, I'm really a set and forget type of gardener so I can't take too much active credit ;)



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