Monday 3 November 2014

Attila is here!!

Shortly after posting this photo on Instagram last week, complaining about how I was the most pregnant I had ever been and how uncomfortable I was, my waters broke. Maybe some of those bringing on labour methods worked?

A quick call to Mr Fork at work, some organising of care for Ellie and we were off to the hospital post haste (I tend to have short labours).

A few hours later, this scrumptious little man was born. Look what I made! Welcome Attila (now formally Jimmy)! Who knew that tummy was hiding a big 7lb 7oz baby? Not me... everything I'd packed for him to wear in hospital was too small. His sister was 5lb 12oz, so that's what I was going on. No wonder I was waddling around! Almost a whole kilogram of extra baby this time!!

Now excuse me. I have precious newborn cuddles to sneak in, a fresh baby head to sniff, endless feeding to do and much sleep to catch up on...


  1. Congratulations Lisa! He is beautiful, and I am glad you are both well and healthy. Even if he is bigger than his sister was, he looks pretty small in the photo :) Enjoy getting to know him xo

  2. Oh how wonderful! I came scrolling back from your IMK post to see if there were any photos - he's just so lovely, Lisa! Congratulations again to you all! :)

    1. Thanks Celia! I think he's pretty lovely too (especially when he's sleeping!) :)



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