Friday 15 May 2015

Apple Flower Tarts

This morning, I asked Ellie what she would like to take to her playdate. We usually bake something together on Friday mornings and then bring that to share... because if I have too much cake in the house, I will eat it. Haha.
She'd seen me looking at the apple flower tarts at Not Quite Nigella earlier in the week and they must have stuck in her mind because she wanted them. They'd stuck in my mind too, and I was pleased that they were chosen as the monthly Cook With Me recipe so I had an extra excuse to make them.

It seemed a simple recipe, and I had the ingredients on hand, so make them we did.

I was going to take progress shots, but really Lorraine goes into so much detail on her blog I can't add anything to it!
Instead, I'll just leave these delicious looking pictures up here, and a couple of notes about the recipe.


  • I don't have a mandolin so I just sliced and cored the apples by hand. I don't think it made a difference
  • I used strawberry jam when making my tarts because it was what I had. I think next time I might up the jam to water ratio
  • I had apples left over after making my tarts (the recipe calls for two apples). I don't think one apple would have been enough, but I will use the leftovers to serve atop porridge now the mornings are colder. I used a Royal Gala and a Pink Lady... they were both delicious
  • I served them simply sprinkled with some icing sugar and cinnamon
  • Be sure to use vegan puff pastry if you want a vegan version (I like Borgs)!
  • I want to say that although these look super fancy they were really dead easy... so easy that my 2.5 year old toddler had no problems helping me out (and eating them too!)
I'm pretty sure it's not just toddlers who would enjoy this cute recipe. They may well make an appearance at my next dinner party!

Do you have a favourite recipe that looks amazing but is really simple to make?


  1. Your apple tarts look gorgeous - I found mine looked cute but I think I could have done better and keep meaning to try them again - agree they are ridiculously simple but so cute. Love that Ellie remembered the picture of them - she will soon have her own blog bookmarking system :-)

    1. Thanks Joanna. I was not 100% happy with them so at great sacrifice (cough!) I will be trying them again. They were certainly snaffled up quickly the first time. I think I have a mini foodie on my hands... and I suspect you're right about the technology. Despite having an IT degree, I'm sure my children will know more about everything electronic than I ever will! :-)



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