Tuesday 26 May 2015

Candle, candle burning bright

I adore candles, and have them strategically placed around our home - in the kitchen, in the bathroom, and even in the bedroom. Not only do they look lovely, but if you get the scented ones, they smell amazing.

Have you ever noticed that memories can be tied very strongly to a sense of smell? For example, whenever I smell the ocean, I'm immediately taken back to my childhood when the beach was a short walk away and I practically had a mermaid tail I was in the water so often! The smell of fire reminds me of camping and huddling around the fire after dark eating sugary treats and hot chocolates. When I was studying, I made it a point to wear the same scent to exams that I used when I was revising content, hoping to trigger an association so that I would remember things!

So, I think it's pretty clear that I love yummy scents. I have candles burning in the kitchen when I'm home during the day to make the house smell delicious. If I need to unwind and have a bath (on the rare occasions I can use the bathroom on my own) I love to turn off the lights and just use candles. And while technically not a candle, I have an oil burner in the bedroom where I use essential oils depending on my mood - usually it's just a lavender to relax and help me sleep, but peppermint helps when I have a headache or need a little energy boost.
Also, look, let's be frank here, kids and dogs smell. Especially coming into winter when they refuse to go outside to play much and the house just starts to smell more, how shall I put it... lived in. That's when scented candles definitely come in super handy!!

One of the frequent candle varieties in my home at the moment is Airwick. It's available where I do my grocery shopping, which, for this time poor mama, is a big plus. They've really got some nice scents such as French Vanilla, and Mandarin Glow, and funky decorative candles that are made with natural essential oils. A favourite at the moment are the silhouette ones that change colour as they burn - fancy!
Airwick also have reed diffusers, automatic sprays and car diffusers available, so you can make sure that you have lovely scents around all the time.

Do you burn candles? What's the smell associated with your favourite memory?

Disclaimer: I received samples of Airwick products to use. All opinions are my own.


  1. i love candles. Especially those that smell like food. Probably for the associated happy memories of being about to sit down at a meal and enjoy the sensory delight of eating. Ahh the pre child indulgences!

    1. Oh food candles... like, apple pie or more like steak and veg (is that a thing?). I too remember the days of hot meals. Speaking of pre children indulgences, maybe they need to invent wine and cheese scented candles too...



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