Wednesday 17 June 2015

A bit Hippy haircare and nappy balm

In addition to the sweet Winter Warrior skincare essentials from A bit Hippy I recently posted about, they were kind enough to give me a few extra samples to try as well.

I was particularly interested in the samples of Ditching' the Itching' Scalp Loving Shampoo and Say No to Silicon Scalp Loving Conditioner. With some natural shampoos and conditioners I find that the shampoo isn't foamy and I need miles of conditioner to make my hair soft. Not with these babies! My hair was left lovely and clean, with no itchy, flaky bits. Again, I'm really impressed that I can use these products on everyone in the house so there is no need to clutter up the shower with specialty products for each person.
Jimmy obligingly needs a couple of nappy changes daily, so I've also had a chance to use the Happy in my Nappy rash balm. I don't always use cream on him, but because he's been sick recently he's needed a bit of extra protection in the nappy area. His irritated red skin has disappeared and he's back to being smooth as a babies proverbial there! I do have a few tiny little annoyance with the cream though. Maybe because it's been so cold, and the cream is just packed full of natural oils, but I found it quite hard and needed to really dig it out of the container to use. It probably wouldn't be a problem in warmer months, but this did make spreading it a bit painful. Also, it contains zinc, which means I can't use it with my cloth nappies. Otherwise, I really loved it for use with disposable nappies

Disclaimer: Thanks to A bit Hippy for providing these gorgeous natural products for editorial consideration!

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