Tuesday 9 June 2015

A bit Hippy - Winter Warrior Skincare

I talk a lot about food on this blog. Mr Fork and I may live on a tiny suburban block, but I'm a country girl at heart. I love to be sustainable and eco friendly (read a bit more about it all here). I especially love to grow my own food - it's healthy, it's cheap and I like knowing what I put on my plate. I feel that eating and sourcing local ingredients where possible is so important, both for the environment and for the local economy. I like knowing that I'm a bit self sufficient, growing vegetables and making my own bread, but I'm also ok buying kitchen staples from the grocery store too. It's about taking small steps to do what you can isn't it?

I'm not into labels, not really. I'm a vegetarian who eats vegan at home. I'm married to the biggest carnivore I know. Why label it?

Living an eco friendly and sustainable lifestyle is more than food just though. It's caring about the ingredients in other things too. Like skincare. Did you know that our skin is our largest organ and absorbs up to 60% of what we put on it? Yeah. So you'd want to be using stuff without any nasties if you can right?

Coming into winter, my skin can get dehydrated and just plain freak out (I'm looking at you, big chin pimple!), so sometimes a bit more love is needed to help maintain that summer glow.
When the team at A bit Hippy, asked if they could send me some winter warrior saviours, I jumped at the chance. A bit Hippy is a natural skincare company in Burleigh Heads. So, they're local AND they are 100% pure and natural, plant based, vegan friendly and totally affordable. Shut the front door!!

Let's talk about Rosehip oil shall we? I love the stuff. It's like a miracle oil that helps with pigmentation, dry skin, scarring, stretch marks... the list goes on. I'm also picky about the sort I use, because it can oxidise and lose effectiveness if it's exposed to air. I was super chuffed to see that A bit Hippy's Rosehip with Benefits is packed into an airless and lightless pump to keep it fresh. There's also some Vitamin C (that's the 'benefit') in the mix to help new cell turnover. It's a lovely strong yellow colour and has a fresh smell so I know it's been treated and stored correctly. I've been using it morning and night after cleansing (and before moisturiser in the morning) and I have to say I'm feeling moisturised and maybe even a little bit less pigmented (pregnancy is awful to your skin I have to say!). While I had some problems getting the pump to work at first, once it got going, I had no other issues.
I also tried the Soothing and Improving moisturiser. Usually I have a couple of moisturisers on the go at any one time, but since giving this one a try, I haven't been reaching for anything else. There is plenty of liquorice root extract, aloe vera and almond oil so it's super soothing and a great texture for keeping that dry and scaly winter skin at bay without feeling greasy or taking forever to soak in. My skin just drank it up. I also tried a little on Jimmy as his skin was a bit dry after the pox/HFM incidents and it worked really well on him too. I'm big on products that are multiple use and for multiple people!
And just as a little aside, how cute is this delivery box? There were also some seriously sweet badges included which miss Ellie has claimed for decorating her daycare bag.

This post is getting a bit long, so I'll talk about the other goodies in a separate post. 

Disclaimer: Thanks to A bit Hippy for providing these gorgeous natural products for editorial consideration!


  1. I like the philosophy and packaging of these products!

    I wanted to let you know that I adopted your idea of using hummous in veggie lasagna and loved the result :D I shared my version but am so grateful for the idea.

    1. Oops, I commented on your post and then went to read my own comments and reply to them - thanks for your comment there and the fact it met Mr B's approval was a definite bonus :-)

    2. Hi Kari, I do that all the time with comments as well! I'm so glad the lasagne was a hit.



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