Friday 5 April 2013

A necklace a day keeps grabby hands away

Babies start off as placid little blobs. You can do anything with them at that stage - they're very portable and it's easy to maintain a semblance of a life still. You can put them down and they'll still be in roughly the same position when you come back. They sleep a lot and it's very easy to bundle them up and take them with you. When you're feeding them, they are easily arranged into the ideal feeding position. Then they get older.

They discover their toes, they discover sounds - oh my, is that daddy I hear, what's happening on the TV, oh mum didn't you want to gaze lovingly into my eyes while I tear myself (painfully) off your nipple? Yes, I went there and said nipple on my blog. Ahem. They also start to learn about textures and touch. Your previously gentle baby will move from stroking you lovingly to accidentally slapping you in the face while flailing around. She'll pull your hair, and then try to eat it. If you're nursing in public, it's entirely likely your modesty shield will be torn off exposing everything. Also, if you have my luck you'll be in the ugliest bra you own when that happens. Take my advice, pretty dangly earrings and elegant necklaces are a thing of the past.

Wait, what?! Fear not, I said elegant and dangly jewellery, that wasn't a blanket statement.  

I've got two necklaces I can wear safely that are guaranteed to keep Ellie's attention and help keep my sanity. The first is a Jellystone designs silicon pendant, very similar to the one below except mine is fuchsia. It's my go-to neck ornament when I'm heading out with Ellie for extended periods as it has two main uses - the first is that it's made of a washable BPA-free silicon which makes it perfect for sore gums to gnaw on. The second is that it hangs at a perfect height to be played with while feeding - hello, distraction free nursing and polite latching and detaching! It also has a nifty little clasp which opens if the pendant is yanked or pulled too hard.
The other necklace I have is my pretty, 'dressy mummy' necklace, which is perfect for distracting Ellie while wrapping her.  This gorgeous handmade necklace is by Kim, at deer love, and every time I look at it, it screams "sunny weather days" at me. So I call it my sunny day necklace and just wearing it brightens my mood immediately.  The beads are handmade by Kim from polymer clay, rolled and baked at home before being knotted onto a leather cord, which hangs around the decolletage area on me.  The necklace is delightful and distracts Ellie marvellously so that she doesn't pull on my hair while I'm wearing her. Also, because of where it hangs, it's a great length for her to play with while feeding as well. Wins all around!! And just look at the beautiful packaging - it came wrapped in the gorgeous fabric scrap with an adorable wooden deer brooch as well.

Disclaimer: I was provided the deer love necklace for consideration

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