Thursday 18 April 2013

First world problems

Today I thought I would share some of my 'hugely important to me but no-one else cares' issues, also known as my first world problems.

1. The could have, should have

Don't you hate it when hours after a conversation you're still thinking of all the things you could and should have said? I'm having a bit of back and forth discussion with work at the moment, and I'm constantly re-running things in my mind, thinking of all the points I could have raised and questions I should have asked. I'm stressed enough without dreaming about these things and giving myself insomnia. I have better things to think about. Like chocolate. Or shoes!

2. Parents with prams parking
Before I had a child, I wouldn't have dreamed of parking in the parents with prams spots. Now that I have Ellie, I truly appreciate that one of the things which makes shopping with a child much smoother are these parks. It's not easy to manoeuvre a baby in and out of the car while juggling a pram, nappy bag, car keys and handbag. It's even harder to navigate a car park with a baby in tow when you constantly have to be on the lookout for speeding hooligans who think it's funny to race along the aisles. So I definitely appreciate being able to have a park which is a little wider and closer to centre entrances.

That's why it really gets my dander up when I see non parents parking in these coveted pram spots. I kid you not, I have been patiently waiting with indicator on for one of them, only to have an inconsiderate non-parent swoop in and park there. I checked for a car seat and then you better believe I had a few choice words ready. Of course, with Ellie in the car with me, I was unable to use them all but I was boiling on the inside. Really, in the scheme of things it's a minor inconvenience, but it's nice to have the extra room and close proximity available to those who need it.

3. The wardrobe crisis
If you're one of those people who walk out of hospital post baby sporting your pre-pregnancy jeans, good for you. For the rest of us, I'm just going to put it out there that post pregnancy clothing is just as difficult to find as maternity clothing. For the past six months, I've been wearing a mixture of before and during maternity clothes (and loving it!) but with a return to work imminent, I've had to start thinking about what to wear. As I'm still breastfeeding Ellie, I'm going to need to pump, so that rules out all of my slinky corporate dresses, pretty much leaving me with button up, stretchy, or sneaky boob-holed tops as I don't plan on getting mostly naked at work to pump thank you very much.

Does this scream corporate or just scary boob flash top?
Before getting pregnant, I wouldn't have been seen dead in anything jersey, stretchy, or head to toe 'cheap store' clothing. However, it's pretty much my regular wardrobe these days - it's easy to feed in and I don't mind too much if I get the inevitable infant explosions on them. It's sobering to have to figure out how I'm going to tart up these outfits for work though. I'll be honest - at the moment I dress vicariously through Ellie who has an adorable array of clothing which she regrettably grows out of on a monthly basis. For myself, I have a new appreciation of Target, Kmart and Big W options. So I'm just going to throw it out there, would it kill the corporate fashion designers to consider the breastfeeding working mother and design something that isn't all jersey, doesn't double as maternity wear and shows a modicum of style?

4. Childcare germs
With Ellie having her first day of day care this week (I survived, barely, but she had a fabulous time!), I'm super frustrated by the selfishness of some parents who don't keep their obviously unwell children at home. I accept that with childcare comes some illness, and this was obvious when I was comparing centres, with many having signs at the doors warning of head lice, chicken pox or hand foot and mouth outbreaks. I accept that with many children in a shared facility, sharing of sickness is inevitable.

What I am not ok with are the obviously coughing, spluttering and sick children who should a) be at home and b) learn to cover their mouth. Ellie is still at the stage where she explores the world by eating everything (in fact, the other day I caught her gnawing on Mr Fork's shoe - OMG!) - and I am sure that the snotty, germ ridden shared toys at day care will not help. Best I resign myself now for her and I to catch everything and anything going around for the next few months I suppose.

Tell me, do you have any first world problems you want to share?

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