Monday 29 April 2013


Now that Miss E has started crawling properly, she's a menace around the home. She's like a little shadow in that if you move, she will follow you around the house. She's also at the stage where she likes to explore by eating everything. 

I've mentioned it before, but in case you didn't know, we also have two fur-babies:

Winter coated hounds
While they are the sort of dogs with hair (and not fur), so that they don't shed, they are allowed inside.  They think they own the house actually, which means they see it as their right to roll around where they please, track dirty paw prints all over the floor and chew their food anywhere except over the designated doggy eating area.  

We also have wooden floors.  Now I'm not much of a housekeeper but these floors are impossible to keep clean.  Something about the way the light reflects just shows up dust everywhere.  

When you take those elements: dusty wooden floors, indoor dogs who think they are human and a baby who eats everything, there really is no other option but to wear these slippers.

Yes, look at me, I'm a fashionista indeed! Don't judge, these babies pick up small pieces of dirt and debris like you wouldn't believe. And using cloth nappies, it's simple enough to wash them when I'm doing a load of other things too.  Comfortable and functional!

Do you have any guilty little fashion secrets lurking around that you feel like sharing?

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