Monday 10 February 2014

Getting centred

Sometimes, you just need to dip your toes into the ocean and reconnect with what is important. 

It’s been a bit of a stressful few days. Nothing specific I can pinpoint to blame really, but lots of little things just adding up. Ellie is going through a rough patch lately. She’s not sick but something isn't quite right. She is sprouting a lot of teeth at the moment and threw the biggest tantrum I have ever seen. I don't think it was entirely a tantrum however, she just woke up distraught from a nap and couldn't calm herself. It was awful, lots of screaming and the usual aids of teething gel, panadol, cuddles, offering milk or iceblocks did not help. She eventually just wore herself out, after almost 15 minutes of constant screaming and I kept having to say to myself that "she's not giving me a hard time, she's having a hard time". It’s been my mantra of late. It was really hard for both of us. I was walking around with her, holding her and reassuring her and she just couldn't regulate herself, poor thing. I had to leave day care with instructions at drop off all last week that if she did it again and couldn't calm down for them then to please call me and I would leave work. No phone calls but they did say she was very cranky and upset.

The dreaded surname issue has come up again. I like my name, I'm very happy to keep it, but this doesn't sit well with other people sometimes. Discussions probably got more heated than they needed to be, but if Mr Fork and I have no issues, I don't see that it is anyone else's business. Just because it might make things easier, doesn't mean that it's right (for me).

I've been getting some terrible headaches lately. Probably a bit stress related, but also due to bad posture too (I'm working on that!). After an emergency dash to the chemist, I walked out with a giant pack of generic panadol (for a mere $1.95, score!), and the thought that there has to be a better headache remedy. Can anyone recommend something more natural? I put out the Facebook call as well so feel free to comment there.

Anyway, back to connecting with what is important. To me, it’s my family. Making sure they are looked after and happy. Then, sadly in terms of priority, looking after me and making sure I’m looked after and happy. Those at the things that are important. Not what anyone else thinks, or even how I think they think! Sometimes it takes getting away and dipping your toes in the ocean to help ground you and figure out what matters.

How do you centre yourself when things are getting hectic all around?

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